every girl… sorry, woman, has that one little black dress that’s a favorite. rita, probably has a few more but decided on this one for a quick shoot. the furry hoodie made an appearance cuz it was quite chilly even with the sun out.

a mandarin teacher beloved by her students, she insists she has zero experience posing in front of a camera. yup, i didn’t believe her either.

rachana & rohit – an engagement

i can’t imagine how tall their kids are gonna be. rohit’s 6’3, rachana’s 5’8. i felt like a midget carrying a giant camera shooting these two. =)

we checked out various places in san francisco, from the city hall to the palace of fine arts down to crissy field. we ended the night at a local burmese place. yum! always hits the spot.

i salute you guys for braving the chilly temperature of sf. it’s been a pleasure capturing your moments! thanks again for having me.

if you let couples be themselves, magic happens.

bs booth – alexis’ 16th

“she was just a baby! and she’s still my baby!” – mom’s words when she came to me to set up a photobooth for her daughter’s 16th surprise birthday party. the whole occasion was 2 months in the making for mom. every little detail, up to the unicorn with bacon wings logo was taken care of. bless her heart, no wonder she was so stressed out. =)

so what does a 16 year old like alexis do besides school? for one, she’s a rising junior golfer. whoa!

alexis, you’ve been blessed with a very loving mom and family. happy 16th! i’m glad you had fun and thanks for having me.