cindy & khris

just a couple of kids in love. =)

khris is a mask layout dude where he designs physical circuits for flash devices. also, guess what? he’s a photographer as well, sweet! as for cindy, she’s still in school somewhere in the mid-east, working on a career focusing on mental health, health issues and just overall disease prevention. yeah! bowls of plenty healthy! but ultimately, she just wants to be a cat lady who designs her own artwork at home while tending to her herb garden. hehe.

they’re doing the long-distance-relationship thing and this is one of the few times they’re together here in the bay area. aww, photoshoot!

i told khris to be himself. apparently, he’s bruce lee when he’s himself.

ok, let’s try this again khris. hmmm, he’s a… zombie?

not sure what’s happening here, but i think cindy’s had enough and she’s walking out.

but they kiss and makeup anyway. =)

of course, we have to end with khris being khris

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