bs booth – alexis’ 16th

“she was just a baby! and she’s still my baby!” – mom’s words when she came to me to set up a photobooth for her daughter’s 16th surprise birthday party. the whole occasion was 2 months in the making for mom. every little detail, up to the unicorn with bacon wings logo was taken care of. bless her heart, no wonder she was so stressed out. =)

so what does a 16 year old like alexis do besides school? for one, she’s a rising junior golfer. whoa!

alexis, you’ve been blessed with a very loving mom and family. happy 16th! i’m glad you had fun and thanks for having me.

bs booth! – sandisk edition

so yours truly got commissioned by sandisk(fortune 500, flash memory storage company), to do their 2012’s international festival photobooth.

different cultures come together in one fun-filled day full of grub, entertainment, and some bouncy thingys. thanks to amul, trinh, alexis, tati, elizabeth and shimster for helping out/manage the crowd. the bs booth came through!

thank you again sandisk for having me.

bs booth! and then some

happy turkey-leftover day people. i trust everyone had an awesome thanksgiving? sorry, been mia for a while. i have to do some ‘adult’ stuff last couple of months, with the new place, mortgage, family coming over. it’s been crazy.

anyway, introducing the bs booth! we bring the photo booth and you bring the bs! =) haha! so we set one up during a 90th bday celebration, wasn’t sure if it was a good idea but overall it went well. thanks shimster for assisting.

we’re trying to get back to our regular programming. so bear with me, there’s more in the pipeline.

i love her expression here

i love old people, they’re cool

can you tell i like carrying stuff?

micheal-jordan-whatever test shot