cindy & khris

just a couple of kids in love. =)

khris is a mask layout dude where he designs physical circuits for flash devices. also, guess what? he’s a photographer as well, sweet! as for cindy, she’s still in school somewhere in the mid-east, working on a career focusing on mental health, health issues and just overall disease prevention. yeah! bowls of plenty healthy! but ultimately, she just wants to be a cat lady who designs her own artwork at home while tending to her herb garden. hehe.

they’re doing the long-distance-relationship thing and this is one of the few times they’re together here in the bay area. aww, photoshoot!

i told khris to be himself. apparently, he’s bruce lee when he’s himself.

ok, let’s try this again khris. hmmm, he’s a… zombie?

not sure what’s happening here, but i think cindy’s had enough and she’s walking out.

but they kiss and makeup anyway. =)

of course, we have to end with khris being khris

rachana & rohit – an engagement

i can’t imagine how tall their kids are gonna be. rohit’s 6’3, rachana’s 5’8. i felt like a midget carrying a giant camera shooting these two. =)

we checked out various places in san francisco, from the city hall to the palace of fine arts down to crissy field. we ended the night at a local burmese place. yum! always hits the spot.

i salute you guys for braving the chilly temperature of sf. it’s been a pleasure capturing your moments! thanks again for having me.

if you let couples be themselves, magic happens.

sabrina & dardy – an engagement

you can’t go wrong spending an afternoon in santa cruz. places to go, places to eat (awesome sandwiches) and places to hang out. for this shoot, we go back to where sabrina used to live and go to school.

as for dardy, a true friend i’ve been rootin for, he has finally found the love of his life. yeeees!