baby elias

adorable, isn’t he? those eyes!  those tantalizing eyes! my man elias and family. you guys have been awesome. thank you for the opportunity to shoot your beautiful family. let’s get to the pictures shall we?

ladies and gents, i present to you simba! i mean, elias!

baby vivienne

name: vivienne margaret
dob: march 8, 2013
weight|height at birth: 5 lbs. 12.oz | 19.5 inches
info during shoot: 87 days old | 12 lbs. heavy(haven’t pooped yet) | 24 inches in height
hobbies: poop, lie down, look around, yawn, sleep, drink milk, burp and cry to wake mom and dad up in the middle of the night.
fave drink: organic breast milk

show of hands… who wants milk?

listening, if there are monsters under the bed.

habitat for humanity | project playhouse

so once again, yours truly was commissioned to document a day of volunteer work at the habitat for humanity by a small group of employees from sandisk (a flash memory storage solution company). the goal was to build playhouses for kids… and build they did.

almost there, and doing final quality control

the first family who saw their playhouse.

the team

and the best part of owning this playhouse…