baby elias

adorable, isn’t he? those eyes!  those tantalizing eyes! my man elias and family. you guys have been awesome. thank you for the opportunity to shoot your beautiful family. let’s get to the pictures shall we?

ladies and gents, i present to you simba! i mean, elias!

baby vivienne

name: vivienne margaret
dob: march 8, 2013
weight|height at birth: 5 lbs. 12.oz | 19.5 inches
info during shoot: 87 days old | 12 lbs. heavy(haven’t pooped yet) | 24 inches in height
hobbies: poop, lie down, look around, yawn, sleep, drink milk, burp and cry to wake mom and dad up in the middle of the night.
fave drink: organic breast milk

show of hands… who wants milk?

listening, if there are monsters under the bed.

baby drake and family

you might remember this lovely couple when i did a maternity shoot for them a few months back. well, what was once an embryo is now a ten month old bundle of joy, teething and crawling all over the place.

drake! such a cutie. love it when couples come back to you for more pics. but you know what i love more though? becoming really good friends with them. an honor and joy for giving me the opportunity once again guys.

shot from inside their home to the palace of fine arts in sf. also, thanks again shimster for helping out.

do me a favor and just stare at the picture below for 5 secs