vaishnavi & namas – maternity

namaste my friends! got these 2 lovebirds here. namas is definitely the class clown and vaishnavi is the loving and affectionate one.

i already see a home full of love and laughter. just some of the ingredients you need when preparing a home for a new life that’s about to enter this world. i’m quite excited for vaishnavi, she’s due anytime now. yey!

so if you guys have a moment, why don’t you namas-stay for a while and enjoy some of the images. =)

i forgot what i said. apparently namas found it funny though. i’m gonna go ask him again what it was

peace out, cub scout!

monnette & david – maternity

hola party peeps!

i give you, monay and debid, as they affectionately call each other. loving, spontaneous, caring, funny, laid back, they’re crazy about each other. it’s amazing, truly honoured to have witnessed it all.

sooo, i know monay’s due any time now. i hope you get to see the pictures first. exciting times!

guys, thank you again for having us and also to shimster for helping out!

angelyn & kids – maternity shoot

hey friendly friends, been a while huh? been busy cleaning up and beautifying the place i’m moving into. i’m so backlogged with pics it’s not even haha funny.

so angelyn used to manage the gym i go to. i think we hit it off right away when we started talking about squat routines, protein shakes and creatine, friendliest trainer and gym supervisor i know.

as i’ve never done maternity shoots before, plus kids. i knew it’s gonna be a challenge. angelyn trusted me enough (very brave of you, lol!) to do a good job under the circumstances. thank you for the opportunity, girl. your kids are beautiful!

anyway, she texted me something about being broke, and she needs water, lemme check in with her. in the meantime, pics below.