habitat for humanity | project playhouse

so once again, yours truly was commissioned to document a day of volunteer work at the habitat for humanity by a small group of employees from sandisk (a flash memory storage solution company). the goal was to build playhouses for kids… and build they did.

almost there, and doing final quality control

the first family who saw their playhouse.

the team

and the best part of owning this playhouse…

ma! – a tribute

first off, i know it’s a day late. but moms out there, happy mother’s day! u guys rock!

i wanted to seize this opportunity to say how grateful and appreciative i am of my mom. there’s so much to thank you for, some really personal that i’ll keep to myself and some not so…

i’ll start that list off by thanking you for:

  • not letting us drink soda everyday, but only on special occasions – so we don’t turn into obese diabetics.
  • putting me into the best schools – for us to have a chance at a better future and hopes of high paying jobs. i failed miserably in school, my fault, not yours. but the future’s not so bad, i was able to buy a house and the job’s alright, can’t complain.
  • having us eat oats every single morning. i still do – so my number 2’s are regular, and i still am.
  • writing me that letter when i left the country and was at lost as what to do with my life – probably the most incomprehensible (since you don’t really write letters) but at the same time, the most loving and touching letter i’ve ever read. it got me through my darkest hours.

love you, ma.

tea! for healthy glowing skin!

mom’s addicted to korean soap operas/dramas

and mom’s a good sport too! thanks for playing ma! 🙂

star – outtakes and bloopies

so on the previous post we gave you, as star would like to call it, fierce! but what actually happens in-between these fierce moments? the answer right after these messages.


aren’t you glad it’s friday? enjoy!

i asked her to give me different poses every time the elevator door opens.