local photo contest

oh btw, our company ran a little local photo contest and my photo won 1st place for “holiday/vacation” category. i wasn’t expecting to win, a little shocked actually cuz during the voting process i was looking at other photos like a local bystander pointing and going “waaaw! that’s a nice photo, and that one too, and that…” there were many good photos.

so anyway, i don’t remember placing 1st in anything in my entire life, haha! sounds funny and sad at the same time 😀

of course i can’t take credit. dy, my rockstar nephew and his dad were tremendous help.

photo title: zest!

random pic of the day

happy friday peeps! been a loooong week for me. brain’s totally fried and thinking would be the last thing i wanna do. coding in ajax is a powerful thing but it’s just too much baby, too much.

i’m gonna stop whining. here’s my pic of the day.

shot in bitan(碧潭), a tourist spot in xindian, taipei county. i was sitting across these fine ladies, had the camera on my lap and fired away. the lady on the right was laughing so hard she was literally slapping her thighs.

i certainly hope i can laugh that hard when i’m old.

cks memorial hall, drizzle edition

the chang kai-shek memorial hall (國立中正紀念堂 in chinese), a famous monument located in taipei, taiwan. it was erected in memory of chang kai-shek, former president of the republic of china. died april 5, 1975.

it was drizzling/raining (weather can’t make up its mind) on and off that afternoon.

so during those ‘off’ moments, while the rain was taking a break, i would crawl out of my umbrella and just snap away. it’s probably a good opportunity as well cuz there’s no people around.

alrighty, enough chatter. i got the drizzle fotoshizzle below. it’s 1:30am, time for some zzzz’s