jen & paul wedding

hey guys! i got jen & paul here.

on the day of the wedding, i met up with the bride & groom at the japanese friendship garden located in san jose to take some photos, then we headed out to the home of christ church located in saratoga for the ceremony.

jen and paul were active mentors for a youth group there.

so the youth group along with some friends and family, showed their love and appreciation for these two lovebirds by helping organize, decorate and did a semi-diy setup for the couple’s church ceremony. that’s pretty sweet in my book.

jen and paul, it’s been a pleasure, thank you so much for having me.

the bride & groom performed a song for the church audience. rumor has it paul learned to play the guitar by watching youtube vidoes. can’t tell really, he was rockin and rollin like a pro.

funny situation here. groom called me out during the slideshow cuz i accidentally tripped on the power cord and killed the slideshow completely. good thing it was a quick fix. paul’s a good sport and had a good laugh. *whew*

what does the fox say? i honestly don’t know, still. groom & mom dancing to that song.

best man & maid of honor having a moment. bride & groom approves. =)

sandy & henry wedding

hey guys, what’s goin on? hope everything’s just swell.

for this wedding, the ceremony started off in a quaint and cozy little church located in menlo park called ‘church of the nativity’ and the reception at dynasty restaurant in cupertino. i’m always down to have comfort chinese food at dynasty cuz it always hits the spot. sandy and henry, you guys were awesome! here’s wishing you a life full of love and happiness. thank you for having me, and also thanks q for helping out.

nate & kels wedding

what’s goin on guys? wedding season is in full swing! so all of this occurred down in santa cruz. started out at steamer lane lighthouse for a couple of pics then ended up with the ceremony, tacos galore, dancing and a piƱata in highlands park. what more do you need for a wedding right? shot with erin, thanks for having me girl!

kels is really animated, love her facial expressions.

one of the groomsmen is wearing the giant’s championship ring. i gotta have a shot of this.